West End Carport and Pool

A new carport and pool seek to highlight the surrounding landscape and underlying rock strata to provide a connection to place.

The concrete carport roof provides a platform for landscape and becomes a terrace to enjoy the Northern views. The structures are minimal built form to provide car shelter and access, each element carefully reduced to be a support for landscape.

At the rear of the site, the garden is contained with raw blockwork walls. Utilising the slope of the site and stepping down the walls, the garden is connected to the gum-tree-green palette of Mt Cootha beyond.

By placing the fencing at the entrance to the garden, the pool is viewed as a natural occurrence within the garden, is dark coloured water reminiscent of that found in a natural gully.

Continuing the narrative from the street, the materials provide a setting that is raw and subservient to the garden.

The landscape design is a collaboration with Dan Young Landscape Architect

JBS Build
Project Team:
Kieron Gait, Anna O’Gorman
Christopher Frederick Jones
2019 Houses Award | Gardens or Landscapes | Winner
2019 AIA | Queensland Architecture Awards | Small Projects | Brisbane Regional Commendation

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