Tugulawa Early Education Centre Refurbishment

Tugulawa Early Education (formerly known as Bulimba Childcare Centre) is a highly sought after community childcare facility located in the heart of Bulimba.

Feedback from parents in recent years made air conditioning the classrooms a priority. The purpose built centre maximises airflow and cross ventilation with open plan/ co-joining spaces but couldn’t cope with the hot and humid conditions in the height of summer.

A partitioning system was developed to provide enclosure for the classrooms to run air conditioning efficiently and has the ability to open up, allow daylight penetration and maintains visual connection between the classrooms.

The system includes vertical timber studs with predrilled holes for the educators to customise with hanging rods, shelves or hangers. The lightweight translucent sheet is face fixed and doesn’t not require additional finishing, so allowed the construction works to be completed over a three week shutdown period of Christmas.

Intrec Management Pty Ltd
Project Team:
Kieron Gait, Wei Shun Lee
Kieron Gait Architects
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