Government Office Fitout

Kieron Gait Architects in conjunction with Solid Architecture were engaged by the client to provide workplace expertise for their relocation to level 26 and 27 at 145 Ann Street.

The client is a Government Authority which aims to provide independent and objective appraisals to matters which are subject to its review. The client wanted a high quality fitout that was timeless and retrained, sufficiently durable to last an extended lease period. The work within the office is primarily research and paper based and requires highly concentrative spaces teamed with flexible collaboration and meeting spaces.

Collaboration areas have been spread over two floors, connected by an open stair, drawing movement between the floors and encouraging chance encounters for the otherwise independent workers. Social areas have been prioritised to allow the staff to separate from their individual workpoint and caters for individuals, small informal meetings to large team gatherings. The tenancy has unparalleled views of the Brisbane skyline and sits above the historic King George Square.

The interior architecture provides a simple backdrop for the office allowing the natural light to penetrate, but is in turn screened to highlight and filter vistas and light. The materials are a timeless and elegant palette with timber introduced as a tactile and precious material. Tallowwood was selected for its warm colouring and durability. It is a local timber and certified by the FSC. Timber screens filter light and privacy of the public spaces, framing views and form thresholds to entrances. Fabric curtains add a softness to the palette and provides privacy to meeting space. Playful colour has been introduced to the lunchroom to enhance the differentiation of space.

April 2013
Project Team:
Kieron Gait, Wei Shun Lee, Leah Gallagher
Christopher Frederick Jones
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