Bulimba Residence

The brief was to reconfigure a confused Queenslander. Over time the verandas had been enclosed and the highset house built under. Living space was segregated under the house and the upper level was an assortment of small rooms.

By locating new living areas to the upper level and re-establishing the original entry, a logic is restored back to the planning of the house. The rear verandah is removed and a new space grafted to the back of the house containing a covered canopy to the existing deck, living room and re-configured kitchen. Bringing light into the deep house plan is a key consideration to allow the spaces to respond to the time of the day and change their character with the time of year.

A central planter, open to the sky and trimmed with metal is utilised both as an organisational, and theatrical element. It forms the focal point from the entry, whilst also acting as a backdrop from the kitchen and living room. The timber cladding to the deck runs as a veil down between the planter and living room, separating but connecting the spaces.

Carefully placed light shafts and incisions in the building skin allows light into the house at different points during the day to achieve a further nuance of experience within the house.

My House Builders
Project Team:
Kieron Gait
Scott Burrows Photographer
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