Bulimba Library

Bulimba Library was opened in 1985 and has remained mostly untouched over thirty years.

Advancement of technology, changing modes of learning and social requirements has meant that the library is fast becoming outdated and unable to fully support the local community. Wayfinding and amenities require addressing as does the collision of vehicle and foot traffic at the carpark entry.

Kieron Gait Architects were asked by Morningside Councilor Shayne Sutton to review the current building and provide a high level proposal for a possible upgrade.

The library would connect to the street and to the Oxford Street precinct through a series of openings in the building, inviting people to see inside and spilling out at street level.

The library would spill out of the building with a series of openings to connect with the Oxford Street precinct and at the building entry at street level, an open courtyard would provide activity at the entry connecting social space indoors and out.

A series of landscaped steps and platforms would connect the main street to the building entry, which would be enhanced by an extended canopy and prominent signage. The platforms would have integrated seats and playful elements for interaction with the young population that pass the library up to the school, kindergarten and childcare centre.

Wireless connectivity indoors and out, larger group/ community spaces, equitable access to all facilities, bookable enclosed spaces and a coffee nook should all to be considered in the future upgrade.

Project Team:
Kieron Gait, Wei Shun Lee
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