Bulimba Community Kindergarten Entry

The beautiful kindergarten is set under a protective tree canopy with a large natural playground and humble buildings set deep in the site.

We were asked to improve the entry experience which was steeply sloping and difficult to navigate with prams and children, or for people with disabilities.

The entry was inset from the street – an inviting and welcoming gesture with a new garden and signage identity that also negotiated the steepest portion of the driveway.

The design took cues from the existing green paling fence that marches around the site. At the entry it transforms the simple structure into a playful, skipping element that dances into the kindergarten.

Perspex windows allow the kids to look out to the street and be connected to the larger world – the design becomes a series of simple but joyful elements with a humble and inexpensive material palette that reflect the values of the kindergarten.

January 2016
Tim Taylor Home Improvements
Project Team:
Kieron Gait, Wei Shun Lee, Samantha Taylor
Kieron Gait Architects
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