Balmoral Gully House

Set in a suburban gully, the house is overlooked by ancient Norfolk Pines.  The rear garden was a tumbling slope to the gully below.

Our clients wanted to enjoy the garden space, create more rooms under the house and add a swimming pool.

The design aimed to heighten the sense of being under the tree canopies.  A planted trellis wraps around the lower level, acting as a filter to the light entering the spaces below.  It acts as an underscore to the house above, separating the suburban home from the garden spaces below.

The materials of concrete and dark stained timber, echo the shadow spaces found in the under croft of a rainforest or gully.

A new swimming pool was located on the edge of the site, pushing towards the canopy of the pine trees.  Utilising the slope, it uses its edge as a pool fence, simulating the experience of being in a natural water hole.

Anthony Grove Builder
Project Team:
Kieron Gait, Catalina Edie, Kristian Meredith
Christopher Frederick Jones
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