Paddington Residence

Paddington Residence and Sips Residence win at the State Awards We are super pleased that Paddington Residence and Sips Residence both won commendations at the 2017 AIA Queensland State Awards.

Well done to the whole team at KGA, the builders, consultants, the amazing clients who put their trust into us. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Judges citations below:

Paddington Residence – Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)

“At Paddington Residence the archetype breezeway corridor linking street and backyard is retained as the fulcrum to a series of intimate, yet connected, human-scale gathering spaces. Homage to the clients’ personal background is interwoven with architectural forms and a material palette that rest quietly in the inner-suburban landscape.”

SIPS Residence – Small Project Architecture

“This low budget extension experiments using modular sips panel and reclaimed materials with economy in mind. Entry under the house through a dark lined passageway heightens your experience on arrival of the living spaces. Textured and warm interior volumes connect you to the existing house and join seamlessly with the back yard.”

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