Kenilworth Dunny

Kenilworth Dunny

Our entry for the Kenilworth Designer Dunny was shortlisted to 12 from 185 entries. We did’t win but were very excited to see the judges appreciation for our scheme.

The Red Paddock

An extraordinary and lateral approach to the brief characterises ‘Red Paddock’. The authors’ exploration of analysing and synthesizing the brief questions the whole notion of the necessity for using ramps to access the height necessary for flood proofing. The ‘silo-like’ amenity components do not need mounds to alleviate the travel distance. Instead, as a collection of sculptural pipe like structures, they sit on, and within, a rich tapestry-like ‘picnic rug’. This immediate landscape proposal consists of various patterned ‘red trees’ contrasting the surrounding green context in a vigorous and complementary way. Like ‘Noahs Ark’ this proposal acts defiantly to the floods rather than reaction. Flood doors offer protection and a ‘bora ring’ like gabion stone-wall protects against flotsam. The large rural utilitarian pipe structures are periscopes for those on the toot to view the sky, mountain and tree tops via mirrors on the underside of the top mounted weather vanes. The pipes are also perforated to let in patterned light furthering the experience within the pipe.

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